Southern Sweet Sun Tea

Sweet Tea is about as southern as you can get. Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, up there with water, coffee, and beer (which are all things I love). You can go to every single restaurant south of St. Louis and find yourself a pitcher of sweet tea. As someone who isn’t from the south, I thought sweet tea was strange since every table also has a fair number of Sweet’n Low, Equal, and raw sugar packets. I always assumed everyone added sweetener to their liking. Southerners typically don’t like a touch of sweetness in their tea, we like it pretty darn sweet.

My mom often made sun tea growing up. Nothing is more memorable than mom making a big container of tea, sitting it on the porch, and letting it bask in the sun all afternoon. Mom would take the warm container after sitting in the sun for a few hours and toss it in the fridge. I can still have childhood memories of the summer sun shine on my face while drinking a refreshing glass of sweet sun tea. Nothing says summer like sweltering heat and an ice cold glass of sweet tea in a mason jar.

You need three things to make sweet sun tea: black tea, water, sugar, and a glass container.


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Mint Tea

I have been growing mint plant on the deck this summer.  For one, I love anything mint, for two, I found a chocolate mint plant and just had to impulsively buy one when I saw it outside of a grocery store.  Since replanting them in one pot, they have overtaken the pot.

2016-06-29 10.30.55


I have been searching for a use for all of this mint besides bath salts.  I mean, it is only about 10 degrees cooler than Hades in Oklahoma this year in June.  Way too early for this nonsense, and a hot soothing mint Epsom salt bath is the last thing on my mind.  We have endured the Mississippi Delta heat, Erica (bless her little kitchen heart), Ron and his family still tolerate it and we have lived through 9 Oklahoma summers, but this year is different.

Love our lawn crew, but it makes me a little sad when I see someone else taking care of the lawn.  Hit me up if you live in the Tulsa area and want the name of our company, they do a great job.  But, for as long as I can remember, Andy’s lawn has been his source of pride and joy.  This year is so hot, he willingly gave up lawn maintenance. Continue reading “Mint Tea”