Ice Cream Cake Roll

Ice Cream Cake Roll makes me a feel a little nostalgic.  One of my earliest food memories is sitting with my dad and sharing a piece of Newlyweds Ice Cream Cake Roll.  It must have been a summer day because I recall the ice cream being a little melty.

It came in a green and pink box.  Sometimes my dad would eat the last piece right out of the box.  It must have saved on dishes or something.  Or maybe Mom wasn’t home to put it on a plate for him.  This is the same man that once, when he was “babysitting” me and told to give me a can of soup fir dinner, literally put a spoon in a can of soup and handed it to me.  Hey, it really isn’t that bad and you should try your next condensed can of soup with little or no water.

As I got older it became hard to find in the store.  Eventually, it was impossible to find and the dessert just kind of fell off my radar.  I suppose I may have been trying to recreate that earliest memory when I eat cake with ice cream and let the ice cream softened a little and then smash it together with my cake and make cake pudding out of it.

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