Almost Butterscotch Pie

If you think this Almost Butterscotch Pie recipe looks very similar to my Sugar Cream Pie recipe, you would be correct.  It is the same recipe except it uses brown sugar instead of granulated sugar.  There is no cinnamon on top, and I do not bake this version.

The reason for this recipe is that I have yet to make a butterscotch pie that A: tasted like my grandma’s, B: tasted like Andy’s Aunt Alice, and C: didn’t turn out grainy and runny.  Yes, I could use a boxed pudding mix, but I would rather go without butterscotch pie.  I do use boxed pudding mixes in some recipes, like an éclair cake, but I just don’t believe it belongs in a pie crust. Continue reading “Almost Butterscotch Pie”

No-fail Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar Cream Pie is truly a regional specialty.  I had never heard of one until I met Andy.  In case you missed the memo, both Andy and I started our lives in the Midwest.  He was born in Indiana, I was born in Illinois.

Even though Illinois and Indiana are so close to each other, this pie calls Indiana home, and most folks across the border have never heard of it.  Same with buckeye balls, I never heard of those before Andy either.

Some version of sugar cream pie was made by Andy’s Aunt Alice, but I have not been blessed with any recipes.  She was the pie baker for Andy’s grandmother’s restaurant, Elizabeth Parker’s in Richmond, Indiana.  Eventually she was the pie baker for Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen when they took over the restaurant.  Andy loved all of Alice’s pies, except perhaps chocolate.  He isn’t a chocolate fan.

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