Large Pearl Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding! What else is there to say?

Tapioca pudding might be the epitome of comfort foods.  It bring memories of worn out diners that have stood the test of time, grandmother’s kitchens with smells only grandmothers’ houses can produce and simpler times.

I used to buy the stuff in the container for Ron when he was little.  He loved this stuff, he called it “tappy O da pudding”.  He rarely eats it now, he doesn’t care much for processed foods.  Perhaps he might try eating it again now with this recipe.  Pass on a love for tapioca pudding to his child.

I believe the key to a good tapioca may be starting with large pearl tapioca.  No small tapioca and certainly no instant.  I have had poor luck with those.  The recipes always say to soak the tapioca overnight, but I only ever soak mine for about 7 hours.  It cooks up beautifully, even as a double batch.

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