Orzo with Asparagus

Orzo with Asparagus is an easy recipe that can be altered to suit the meal you plan to serve it with. I have successfully used beef broth in place of chicken broth for beef based main dishes.

Parmesan can be added, but I don;t find the extra calories or sodium necessary.  Slow simmering provides all the creaminess and the flavored borth provides all the flavor you will need.

I have changed out vegetables without an issue as well. You could even add some protein and turn it into a one pot main dish.

This version of orzo looks like you worked hard and kind of reminds me of risotto without all the hard work.

When I think of risotto I hear Gordon Ramsey in the background talking about incompetence. His shows may have scarred me for life and scared me away from ever attempting to make risotto. I’ll stick to orzo.

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