Butterscotch Meringue Pie

Butterscotch Pie perfection has been an elusive mystery to me.  My grandmother could make them.  If you read the Almost Butterscotch Pie, or Sugar Cream Pie recipes, then you already know Aunt Alice could make them.

Any time I have tried to make one, it has either been runny or grainy, and sometimes both.  For me, I think the problem has something to do with the way I was mixing ingredients.  Generally, it looks curdled to me before I even add eggs.  Almost like the brown sugar curdles the milk, turning it into what looks like tiny pieces of cottage cheese floating in the pan.

The flavor has never been an issue, just the finished texture.  During a recent trip to visit family, my husband returned with an entire folder of recipes from Uncle Bill.  They were not the recipes that he was looking for, but in this folder are some amazing recipes that will be shared as time allows.

The first find that needed to be cooked and adjusted was Butterscotch Pie.  The reason for adjustments is that these recipes are designed for 50 and 100 people.  There are only 2 of us in this household, and unless you are feeding ranch hands or cooking for a family reunion, chances are you also need a smaller serving size to make in your kitchen.

I tested this recipe with my modifications using flour and using cornstarch.  We prefer the texture of the flour version, but the cornstarch version seemed to set up better.  Andy wanted a piece of pie before it was fully cooled, I would have preferred to wait a day, but he smelled it as soon as he opened the refrigerator.

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Almost Butterscotch Pie

If you think this Almost Butterscotch Pie recipe looks very similar to my Sugar Cream Pie recipe, you would be correct.  It is the same recipe except it uses brown sugar instead of granulated sugar.  There is no cinnamon on top, and I do not bake this version.

The reason for this recipe is that I have yet to make a butterscotch pie that A: tasted like my grandma’s, B: tasted like Andy’s Aunt Alice, and C: didn’t turn out grainy and runny.  Yes, I could use a boxed pudding mix, but I would rather go without butterscotch pie.  I do use boxed pudding mixes in some recipes, like an éclair cake, but I just don’t believe it belongs in a pie crust. Continue reading “Almost Butterscotch Pie”