Simple Versatile BBQ Rub

Every “pit master” has their own BBQ rub. Some will fight to the death with their award winning recipes. I’m not that anal retentive with my love of smoked meats. I don’t don’t compete with my BBQ, so in this post I share my very versatile BBQ rub.

versatile-bbq-rub-pork-shoulderThis rub goes with just about every kind of meat you can toss on your grill or smoker: pork shoulder, ribs, chicken and even brisket. I know, I hear some of you yelling over the computer screen about putting a rub like this on a brisket. I know brisket is typically rubbed with only salt and pepper, especially in Texas, but I can promise you this BBQ rub is fricken awesome on the fatty bits of a brisket. Plus, I like to do things my own way.

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