Alien in the pantry


2016-06-13 11.03.27

I have only seen 3 mothers of vinegar in my life.  Once in a bottle of white vinegar I found hiding in the back of the pantry while packing for one of my vagabond moves, and 2 yesterday when I needed vinegar for a vinaigrette.  Both new finds were in a bottle of white wine vinegar.  They look gross and nasty, but this time I knew that they were harmless.  I had done some internet searching the first time I saw one.  Here and here are examples of what’s available for information online.

Finding a slimy, jellyfish looking thing in your pantry can be kind of creepy.

When Andy saw it today he was 6 kinds of freaked out.  

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Grandma Hunt’s Tomato, Cucumber, & Onion Salad

This is one of those rare recipes my mother made well. But she made it all the time. The recipe for Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion Salad stayed taped to the inside of her spice cabinet. I don’t remember a time not seeing it anytime I went for a salt shaker.

It was always present at her parties by the pool. There would also be the required steaks on the grill, mushrooms, cucumbers and onions, boxed scalloped potatoes, and those little sponge cakes you can buy in the produce section of most stores alongside sweetened strawberries and vanilla ice cream (my mother’s version of strawberry shortcake).

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