Chicken Marsala

Disclaimer: I do not claim that this recipe is authentic, or tastes like anything you get in a restaurant. This is simply the way I make it at my house and the way we like it at my house.

This version of Chicken Marsala is a great way to change up the monotony of chicken in my house. I cook a ton of chicken. Well, maybe not a ton since that would be 2,000 pounds. Chicken with rice, chicken on salad, chicken in soup, chicken parm, grilled chicken wings, baked chicken wings…..

On second thought, maybe I have cooked at least one ton of chicken in 30 years, that’s a little more than 1 pound a week. But I digress, I’m not the mathematician in the family (that would be Ron, math and science are his thing).

I like to cook this recipe because it is fairly simple and is something I can start and simmer until it’s time to eat. The slower the simmer, the longer it can sit. It’s easily served with angel hair mixed with a little olive oil and garlic, orzo and asparagus, or even wild rice.

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